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YouthPower365 Afterschool Programs

What is PwrHrs? 
An afterschool program that provides academic, enrichment, and athletic opportunities for all students through YouthPower365. Learn more about YouthPower365's Middle School Opportunities.

YP365 Soccer 
Our Middle School Soccer program supports student academics while coaching soccer skills. The program requires student athletes to maintain good grades. Students practice twice a week and have games with other middle schools on weekends.

Want to learn more or sign up? Please contact Ricky Luevanos ( or Yesenia Duran (

YouthPower365 strives to provide opportunities for our youth that are focused on their passions, growth, and futures. We believe that focusing on their interests will help youth reach their full potential. Our team of teachers and experts focus on meeting these needs through student and school-based interest activities that take place during the afterschool hours to engage and excite your student.

Girl PowHER is a YouthPower365 program for middle school girls and non-binary/gender non-conforming youth. Focused on empowerment, Girl PowHER seeks to empower through community and encourage relationships with self and others through meaningful service, enrichment and adventure activities.

Girl PowHER empowers young women through relationships, mentoring, and adventure.

Want to join Girl PowHER? Contact Katie McClanahan at for more information.

The Community Lifting Up Boys (CLUB) is a YouthPower365 program for middle school boys. Focusing on belonging, The CLUB seeks to empower middle school boys through community and instill a sense of self through meaningful and authentic enrichment and adventure activities.

Questions? Contact Ricky Luevanos at 970-401-5104

How Do I Join YP365 Afterschool Programs?

*Update of Offerings at EVMS for the 23-24 will be here when finalized

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